Shaping Our Bright Future Together

Empowering residents to take an active role in determining the direction of our town.


Community Voice and Engagement

Emphasizes the importance of every resident’s voice in uncovering shared values and aspirations, ensuring a truly community-driven development process.

Collaborative Growth Initiative

Highlights the partnership with major organizations and the substantial funding aimed at supporting Port Allegany’s journey towards a more vibrant and resilient future.

Action-Oriented Planning

Focuses on the goal of gathering the community’s stories to craft an actionable plan that reflects the collective vision for Port Allegany’s future, fostering a brighter and more inclusive community.

Welcome to Port Allegany Heart and Soul

Empowering Our Community, Shaping Our Future

At the heart of every community lies its true essence, a unique tapestry woven from the stories, dreams, and aspirations of its residents. Here in Port Allegany, we embark on a transformative journey with the Heart and Soul project, a collaborative effort aimed at harnessing the power of our collective voice to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

A Unified Effort for Growth and Vibrancy

In partnership with PA Humanities, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), the PA Route 6 Alliance, and the generous support of additional state resources, we are proud to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that brings in funding, alongside invaluable training and technical assistance. This initiative extends to Etna, the Venango area, Mansfield, and our very own Port Allegany, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a stronger, more vibrant community.

Collaborative Partnership

A groundbreaking initiative in partnership with PA Humanities, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), and the PA Route 6 Alliance, enhancing community development.

Community-Wide Engagement

Extends benefits to Etna, the Venango area, Mansfield, and Port Allegany, fostering a unified approach to strengthening and revitalizing these communities.

Our Mission: Community-Driven Development

Driven by the Community Heart and Soul® model, our mission is to dive deep into the heart and soul of Port Allegany. We aim to give voice to every resident, uncovering our shared values and aspirations. Through this humanities-based approach, we will gather our community’s stories, crafting an action plan that reflects our collective vision for the future.

Our Promise: A Community Forged by Heart and Soul

With the guidance of a dedicated Community Heart and Soul® coach and the collective efforts of our town, we are not just planning for the future; we are actively building it, one story at a time. Join us on this exciting journey as we embrace change, celebrate our town’s uniqueness, and work together towards a future that is brighter and more inclusive for everyone.

Welcome to the Port Allegany Heart and Soul project. Together, we are the heart and the soul of our community.

Guided by Expertise

Benefit from the guidance of a dedicated Community Heart and Soul® coach, ensuring our journey is impactful and directed towards meaningful change.

Community Development

Embrace the power of our collective stories to shape a future that celebrates Port Allegany’s unique character and fosters inclusivity.

Unified in Purpose

oin a movement where every member of Port Allegany contributes to the heart and soul of our community, driving us towards a shared vision of prosperity and unity.

Join Us in Shaping Our Destiny

Your participation is crucial. Together, we can build a more connected, resourceful, and resilient Port Allegany. Engage in meaningful dialogues, contribute your story, and be part of the planning process that will steer our community towards its full potential.

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